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Google search results

 Google search results are released

Google search results

Leading Google search results is the main goal that SEO specialists seek, and getting a higher ranking in the search engine guarantees you a lot of visitors.

And because of the great competition among website owners, it is very difficult to get a higher rating, just by writing a high-quality article if you are not familiar with on-page SEO.

You must have an edge over your competitors, and for this reason, you must master the art of search engine optimization (SEO), so that you can achieve what you deserve without a doubt to get high-quality content and targeted visitors.

How to top Google search results and we will mention 9 of the most important technologies to help in this, so let us go.

Now to get your page ranked in Google we've found nine proven and powerful SEO techniques that will set you apart. So, without further delay, let's get started.

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Make your URLs readable and short

According to numerous researches conducted by various SEO specialists, short URLs, have the potential to rank higher compared to URLs that are comparatively longer.

Whereas, short URLs can be useful if you want your customers to visit them again, because people usually remember them and these short URLs are readable, so they have the advantage of being easily recognized.

The search engine is no exception. It also prefers short URLs. So, whenever a new page is published, make sure to choose a title that is short and can be read by anyone.

Use keywords in URL

Now while you are creating the URL make sure to add your keywords to that URL. This technique may seem simple, yet it can make a big difference in classification.

For example, your website address is, and you are creating a page on-page SEO where the keyword is “higher ranking”, so the link should be: check-top-rank/www.example .com.

Now, when someone searches for “how to rank higher on Google,” they will include the keywords you used in your URL. So your URL should have a higher chance of appearing in Google results.

Use LSI Synonymous Keywords

When you type a specific keyword into a Google search, a set of suggestions will appear under it.

It is part of a search engine's algorithm to help them better understand what the content on your website is about.

Google's search engine has become highly dependent on high-quality, relevant content.

Therefore, synonymous words must be used to obtain organic visits.

Including these keywords synonymous with LSI in your content as side headings or paragraphs, ensures that your site appears in many search terms and therefore a better ranking.

Create exclusive long-form, SEO friendly content

In the same search that was done on short URLs, something else was also discovered,

This also makes 100% sense, finding that long content is more likely to outpace short content.

It is like Google to give priority to long content because Google wants to show the perfect results to its users,

They are detailed and comprehensive results.

In addition, the longer the content, the more keywords in LSI it can include,

As we know, Google determines search positions based on LSI keywords.

As a result, the more words your LSI has, the higher your rating will be.

Improve your Title Click-Through Rate

Each page of your site will have a separate title, so you know that the label is what appears at the top of the browser when you open certain content.

Everyone knows the title should be the keyword for that page,

But there is something of great importance in your site's ranking.

It is the click-through rate of the page title in a Google search.

And you should improve your click-through rate to get a higher ranking.

And improve this rate Make your article title attractive and attractive, use odd numbers and question marks, as well as buzzwords.

External Linking 

An external link is a link that refers to another domain besides the domain in which it was placed.

In simple terms, they are called external links because they send visitors outside your site to someone else's website.

But why is it important?!

According to a study, sites with external links rank higher than sites with only internal links.

This shows us that Google considers external links a ranking factor.

One thing you must remember while linking to other sites is always link to sites that are relevant to your site and that have high authority because their authority may affect your site.

Internal linking

An internal link is a link that redirects a visitor to another page on the same site.

External links may outweigh internal links, however, internal links have some weight in terms of on-page SEO.

And the internal link allows visitors to navigate through your website with ease. It also helps in setting up the information hierarchy on your website.

It also helps to pass the ranking strength on the site from strong pages to weak ones.

 Improve website speed

Today, site speed is a major factor in the lead.

Where there are a lot of sites lost their position because their speed is very slow.

One of the important factors in improving the speed of hosting,

So buy a powerful, stable, and high-speed paid hosting.

Also, improve your website images by compressing them and reducing their size.

Because the images are one of the most important reasons affecting the speed of the site.

Use site acceleration plugins that compress CSS, js, and other codes,

Also, reduce Adsense ad units if others are on your pages.

 Include photos, videos, and presentations on your pages

To provide the best possible UX (User Experience) experience,

You should add multimedia to your content to make it attractive and for visitors to interact with.

Google drops the ranking of pages that have "less time on site",

So by using multimedia like videos, maps, graphs, photos,

Users will stay on your page for a long time, which will support the ranking of your website.

That's because Google wants to show better to searchers and the more users your blog has,

Your chance of getting higher in Google search results.


How to catch words in Google ?

  1. How to catch words in Google for 2021
  2.  On-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimization
  3.  Add LSI keywords to your page
  4.  Monitor your technical SEOS
  5.  Match your content with search intent
  6.  Reduce bounce rate
  7. Find keywords equal to TargetStep
  8. Publish extremely high-quality content
  9.  Create backlinks to your site
  10.  Track and Monitor Your Results Step

How do I improve results ?

  1.  Make sure your keyword is heading towards the beginning of your title tag.
  2.  Make your content no less than 1000 words.
  3.  Add your keyword 2-3 times on your page

Does updating articles help in search engine optimization?

  • Google loves my updates, partner associations, king of all search services, network of web sites.
  •  Better chance of Google ranking
  • Your position is at the top of the results

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