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 Affiliate Marketing for beginners

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most important sources of profit through the Internet that you can achieve if you have an audience with whom you share some of the products or services that you love and that have really benefited you.

 In Affiliate Marketing to be successful, you must build trust and value to offer to the public, and in return, your audience will trust you and will be able to be affected by the products and services you recommend to them because commission marketing is a simple way is to help your audience make a purchase decision for a particular product or service.

In this article, we will learn the basics and explanation of affiliate marketing, especially for beginners.

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing: It is the process of promoting people’s products or partnerships on your website or Facebook page, and for every sale of one of the products sold through you, you get a commission, or in other words, you get a percentage of the sales that are sold through you.

So, in order to start in the field of commission marketing, we have to promote the products of some companies on our electronic platforms, of course with a prior agreement on the subject of commission or the profit that you will get for each sale.

Affiliate Marketing System

  • Product selection

Choose the product that you think you can sell and market on a large scale, get to know well the features and advantages of this product so that you can sell it and so that the customer wants it and gets its purpose

  • start marketing

Marketing this product in your own way and try to be a distinctive and nice way so that the customer wants the product you are marketing, and deliver the product to where your customers live because the delivery service is an important feature and preferred by many customers because it saves them time and effort.

  • Get your commission

After you sell the products, you will get a profit percentage that you have agreed upon in advance from the company that markets its products.

And this percentage will inevitably increase until it becomes 50% on each product that you market and sell.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

There are many methods of commission marketing, and there are a lot of marketers nowadays, and each marketer has his own kind of marketing, but the common link between all marketers is their presence on the Internet.

Here are some types of affiliate marketing that you can work with. Choose the one that suits you best

  • Content publishers

This type depends on websites (Blogger, WordPress...) that are full of rich, valuable, and self-authored content, i.e. exclusive articles,

This is all monetized via affiliate links, banners, billboards, product links, etc., for example:

A specialized content site about smartphones (features, defects, qualities, ...) and invests through affiliate marketing links.

 Inside the site you can find an article about popular phones and their smart gear, where each mobile brand is linked through an affiliate link, which will lead you To a store, if a sale occurs, the website owner will receive a commission, which is an easy and well-paid method.

  • Coupons and Deals

This mechanism is based on trying to find a low-priced product, for example:

A website that sorts and formats coupons by expiration date or sales, free shipping, store name ..., here when anyone wants to buy any product, he will enter this site to get a discount coupon for the product he wants to buy,

When he clicks on the affiliate link for the product, the site owner gets a commission, which is an easy way and a good income.

  • Compare Shopping Engines

Let's use engagement rings for example. You pull engagement rings from the stores you work with through affiliate programs, usually the results are sorted by price.

 all of these links will be linked through affiliate links and if a visitor clicks on one, the owner of the shopping search engine will earn a commission, which is A difficult way to prepare and a huge income.

  • Show ads

This type includes all websites or mobile applications that contain advertising spaces, here advertisers are promoted, and ads are placed for marketing in exchange for commission instead of regular ads, an easy way to set up and modest income.

  • Email Marketing

Here people have to send a huge number of emails to readers and registrants and have the messages and affiliate links so that they can get a decent return,

  • Incentives and compensation

It is an easy way to set up and has the intervention of a large group of companies to attract shoppers. Offer prizes for each real purchase or follow a process method for each purchase.

Another example:

 returning part of the currency and divided into three steps

  1.  You create an account
  2. Then you shop through one of the links that they offer, and a reward is obtained for every successful purchase you make.

  • Search Engine Marketing

Here, affiliate marketing companies use search engines for marketing, whether by improving search engine results.

Or pay-per-click marketing, or both methods together, for example, an affiliate marketing company finances and manages a paid advertising campaign on search engines to promote the products of other merchants, and the company takes its commission from merchants for every confirmed sale, and this method is easy to set up and generates income. good .

  • Marketers via social media platforms

A good way of income and easy to implement, here the owners of social networking sites promote products to merchants on their personal sites.

 or they publish the brand of these merchants, and this method is one of the most popular methods at the present time, and the most benefit from it are the people who influence social networking sites and they have Huge number of followers.

  • Marketers by video

This method is also one of the most prevalent methods today for a large number of YouTubers, and it is easy and has a good return. Here, the publisher of the video clip displays an advertisement for a product on his video, either by writing or placing the advertisement in an ad space within the video.

 or for the publisher to talk about the product and encourage viewers On the purchase and puts the product link in the description of the video and this link is entangled with the affiliate marketing link of the merchant, the video publisher gets his commission for every purchase made through him.

Top Affiliate Marketing Software Platforms for 2022

There are many companies specializing in the field of commission marketing, but they are divided into two types:

  • Companies that work through (cps) or pay for each sale.and the best of these companies are:


Click Bank, a high-level international company, is well known, and the quality of its services speaks volumes about it, so it has no restrictions. 

It has products of all kinds and types, for example: training dogs, cats, clothes, raising children, skin care ...., and others. 

All this, the commission in it may reach 75% because its products are digital, so here we can achieve an amount of $ 100 from the sale of one product.

 Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is a famous and well-known site, and it is the most famous American e-commerce site in the world, and recently it has become very popular in the Arab world.

Amazon provides online workers and marketers with an opportunity to make money from the Internet while they are at home.

 Where they sell the site's products at a commission rate of 4% up to 15%, which is known for its global reach and credibility in paying profits to marketers wherever they are.

Commission Junction Affiliate 

Commission Junction or in short CJ is a company that contains the transfer of products to major international companies, and it is the oldest and best commission marketing company.

And classified as well because of the trust that their customers have given them because of the quality of the products you get, and if you get to find the right product and market it times, it may reach $ 100 depending on what you are marketing.

A ShareASale company

The ShareASale network is a network that combines CPC offers and CPA offers, which means that it enables you to market and profit from the Internet through free registration and purchases. Also one of the oldest companies in the field of commission marketing at the age of 16.

 eBay Partner Network

This site is the biggest competitor to the Amazon site, it is a very popular site on the Internet, but not in the Arab world.

Where you can register directly in it, take the products and start marketing according to your own way.


Arab Clicks is the first digital marketing company in the Arab world, as it has collected most of the Arab digital marketing companies, such as:

  • Shein's Affiliate
  • Affiliate areas
  • Affiliate Market
  • Ali Baba and Ali Express Affiliate
  • iHerb Affiliate

 Just market the products we mentioned before, and more, and the most characteristic of this company, only if you register with it, register, it gives you a special discount coupon, and whenever you buy a product through this coupon, you get your commission directly.

And here we have finished with the companies that work with the CPS system, and we will move on to the next section

  •  Companies that operate via (CPA) or pay for each process, whether it is filling out a form or downloading an application
Let us offer you the best in this field

Max Bounty

This company is considered one of the affiliate marketing companies, in many different fields.

But in very strict conditions, the beginners are beginners in the way you bring traffic, they are trying to provide the best service to marketers by achieving the largest income and remittances for them.

BearFly Designs LLC

PeerFly is a very strong affiliate marketing company, and it is the number one competitor to Max Bounty. This company is trying to maintain its position and the trust of its customers. It is so. It is also. Very out of the market and marketer


performcb is an old and ancient company in the field of commission marketing, and you will find it has various offers in all fields, and like the huge companies we mentioned earlier do not accept beginners.

 but here you can be accepted according to your experience in discussion and persuasion, in one serious call by accepting to work in the company so if you want To work for them, you must be 100% confident in yourself.


A huge famous company and at the same time helping marketers. If you are a beginner in the field of commission marketing, you can apply to work in this company. 

It accepts beginners and gives them real opportunities to venture into these areas. Aspire, trust yourself and be patient.


Arabic 100% is not a huge company, but it is good and very good for beginners, founded by a young Arab, Mahmoud Fathi, one of the best electronic marketers in the world.

I hope the article was useful to you

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