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 What is technology?


It is a word that has its origins in Greece. Technology is a word composed of two parts, the first section is “techno”.

It means performance, and the second section is “logia” which means art, so the full meaning of the word becomes the science of the art of performing, which is the science of knowledge devoted to simplifying daily life.

It also means accomplishing complex matters that require great effort and time in the simplest and shortest possible way, and our world today is entirely based on technology, from riding a bike to the article you are reading now,

 The Internet is one of the types of advanced technology today, imagine with me that there is no Internet, only palm trees without a detailed explanation of the topic

 how difficult our lives will be as many countries will stop completely if the Internet disappears and there will be riots, famines, the destruction of the largest companies,


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Types of technology

There are many types of technology that we will talk about one by one

information technology

It is defined as:

Tools, methods, and practices that provide primary information to produce targeted information, and it is considered one of the most prominent and famous types of technology and the most dependent on modern technologies.

Examples include programming, storage, retrieval, data conversion, coding, and systems control.

 It also includes office automation, multimedia, and communications, as well as containing everything related to computers, networks, software, websites, databases, and communications. Wired and wireless.

network technology

This technology is defined as the connection of two or more computers to each other, wired or wireless, to transfer information and data from one device to another over the network.

Network technology is a very big topic that we will talk about later in detail in another article on it.

Sensor Technology

What is the sensor?

It is the so-called sensor or sensor, and it is an electronic device that measures and monitors the physical conditions surrounding it,

The work of this sensor or its input may be light, temperature, humidity, sound, light, pressure, movement, and many other physical factors.

And the output is an electrical signal corresponding to the input that a person can understand and read correctly.

Of course, there are several types of sensors, mention some of them:

Active sensor: 

This type of device detects changes in the surrounding environment and then outputs energy such as light, laser, sound, or ultrasonic signals if it needs an external power source, and one of the most important examples is the radar device.

Latent sensor:

 This type absorbs the signals from around it, unlike active sensors, and it does not need an external power source, for example, humidity sensors or temperature sensors.

Smart sensor:

 It is a device capable of performing several functions at the same time, such as data processors, which collect data automatically and reprogram it in a new form that fits with the application for which it was designed. with it.

The Internet of things

The term Internet of Things refers to a network of devices capable of collecting and sharing data with devices on the same network.

This allows things to be sensed remotely and also controlled by the network infrastructure used.

Transportation technology

Technology in transportation and transportation. If we look around, we will find a lot of transportation that we use daily, which plays an important role in our lives.

We will find that with the rapid technological development, we find the means of transportation and transportation that use modern technology in their movement and movement.

The industrial revolution and technological and scientific development have greatly contributed to the development of means of transportation and communications, and these means have become easier, faster, and also less expensive.

It included various types, there for example means of land transport, cars, trains, and buses, and there are means of maritime transport that do not dispense with the presence of technology in moving and operating them

 such as ships, ships, and air transports that depend mainly on technology and modern devices such as aircraft.

medical technology

Medical technology is a field of knowledge complementing the health sciences aimed at research, diagnosis, and treatment procedures for various diseases under the supervision of the attending physician.

Artificial intelligence

Throughout history, man has searched for an invention that can mimic the human mind in its thinking pattern. Artists, writers

filmmakers and game developers alike have tried to find a logical explanation for the concept of artificial intelligence.

 For example, in 1872, “Samuel Butler” spoke in his novel “Eriohon” 1872 about machines and the great role they would play in the development of mankind and the transfer of the world to development and prosperity.

Over time, AI has been present only in science fiction, sometimes highlighting the potential benefits of artificial intelligence on humanity and its bright human aspects.

 and at other times highlighting the negative aspects expected of it, and it is portrayed as the fierce enemy of humanity that intends to usurp civilization. and control it.

In 2018, artificial intelligence became a fact, not a fantasy, and no longer occupies a place in the world of popular culture only.

 The year 2018 was a major shift for artificial intelligence. This technology has grown significantly on the ground until it has become a major tool that enters the core of all sectors.

AI has emerged from research labs and the pages of science fiction novels, becoming an integral part of our daily lives,

 from helping us navigate cities and avoiding traffic, to using virtual assistants to help us perform various tasks. Today, our use of AI is rooted in For the common good of society.

space technology

Space is a new environment, and trying to work in it requires new tools and techniques.

Extensive research in the field of space has led to the creation of a separate science, which is space technology, and this science has benefited from the emergence of a new economy accompanying the space economy. Human life in general on planet Earth.

In a NASA research on algae, he led to the creation of infant formula? NASA has been exploring the potential of algae as a recycling agent for space travel for a long time.

Subsequently, this research led to the discovery that the nutrient-rich algae contain Docosahexaenoic Acid DHA and Arachidonic Acid ARA, which are excellent nutritional supplements for the mental and visual development of the infant.

Space technology is defined as technology developed by space science or the space industry for use in space flights, satellites, or space exploration.

This space technology includes space vehicles, satellites, space stations, support infrastructure, equipment, and procedures.

Notes you write about public releases. A view of the inventions that were prepared earlier can be found in this direction.

The environmental field of parties, prosthetics, and the Internet.

 science, astronomy, earth sciences (by remote sensing), and many inventions, such as vacuum cleaners, blankets, and invisible arcs.

Environmental and everyday applications.

I answered these suites, their year in space, and their year online. Embedded winch technology has been released into the public domain, spreading the Internet of Things.

Here is the end of our article. I hope it helped you. I wish you success

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