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Search Engine Optimization Services ( SEO )


  • What is SEO?
  • Why is SEO important?
  •  What are the benefits of SEO?
  • What are the SEO strategies?
  • What are search engine optimization companies?
  •  What are the best engine optimization services?
  • How do I make my name appear on the search engine?.

In this article, hopefully, we will talk about all of the above, and it will be a useful article, hopefully, for those who are interested in the topic of SEO and improving search engine services, follow me.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of strategies aimed at improving the appearance of a website or online store in the results of search engines such as Google so that it appears in the first results,

 This is done by studying how search engines work and the factors affecting the ranking and improvement of search engine results, as well as treating some errors and problems in websites, which is one of the branches of the field of e-marketing.

It is very important to know that SEO points to organic results,

 Any unpaid. The complementary option (paying a CPC for the first rank of a particular search) is known as search engine marketing or search engine marketing. to put a metaphor,

SEO is like looking for good free parking right next to where you have to go, while search engine marketing will be the equivalent of paying for parking.

As with almost all online marketing disciplines, SEO has evolved a lot over the years. In its origins, web positioning techniques were very primitive and relied heavily on the repetition of a few specific keywords, while the user experience is now much more important.

Given the importance of the search engine results being issued, because of their great impact on the number of visitors to websites, the importance of this field has increased, which have become specialists and experts and are even taught.

Workers in this field are divided into two types: 

White hat holders, which is the use of legitimate and natural methods to improve the ranking of a website.

 and black hat holders by using devious, infringing, and illegal methods.

What is the importance of SEO?

SEO is an essential part of digital marketing, and it is the natural or organic part of the search. Also known as the paid ads/sponsored portion.

You can get visits to your site through various social media platforms, and through advertising as well. 

But search engines remain the backbone of any website's appearance and popularity. This is for two main reasons:

  • The vast majority of visits to websites come from search engines, at around 40%.

  • The visits are from those who are interested in what the site offers, especially since he wrote the keywords himself in the search engine.


 The majority of web traffic or visitors come from organic Google search engine results. In other words, natural search accounts for a higher percentage of traffic than all other traffic sources combined.

What are the benefits of SEO?

  • A noticeable increase in the number of visitors to your site through the search engine.
  • Search engines are interested in archiving your content quickly.
  • Your appearance on the first page of the search within the first ten results.
  • Improve your sales if you own an online business.
  • Customers trust you more because the customer trusts the popular thing on the Internet.
  • Keeping your brand in the minds of your target groups.

What strategies are being made in search engine optimization?

Search for keywords

Which is the search for the words and phrases that visitors are searching for most, so keyword research is critical to the SEO process

 and when we search for industry-specific keywords, we will be able to see how difficult they are to rank for, how popular they are, and other important metrics.

Internal link

  • What are inbound links?

They are hyperlinks that point to other pages in the same domain that are on the same site.

As for external links, they are also links that refer to other pages in the same domain, but they are located on other sites.

  • Importance

Internal links help to find, index, and understand all the pages on your website.

In short, the internal link is the cornerstone of any website that wants a higher rank in the search engine (Google).

Improve page speed

  • What is the page speed?

It is the amount of time it takes to open the page, and the page speed is determined by several factors, including server type, page size, and image compression.

  • How important is page speed in SEO?

(Google) uses page speed as a ranking factor and has been doing this since 2010 in the world of 2018, the importance of page speed has increased due to updating the speed.

Search engine optimization via e-marketing

  • This strategy has several important stages, as follows

Create goals and KPIs, and conduct initial research for an SEO campaign:

  • Includes KPIs for search engine results
  • How many leads do you need to get a certain number of sales

To ensure the success of the website, follow the following metrics:

  • The number of visitors to your site
  • Pages you want visitors to see
  • Keyword search
  • competitor search

Defining the target audience and analyzing your field:

  • Targeting the audience and their personalities
  • What type of CMS you are using
  • Determine if your site is optimized for SEO
  • Determine your current search engine rankings

Configure location tracking

You can create your own website tracking configuration via:

  • Webmaster Tools
  • google console
  • Software used to track search engine rankings
  • Setting up social media accounts

Like :

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

Page content analysis and update

  • Repetition about keyword research
  • Ensure that the specified keywords are included within the existing version
  • Rewrite or update the content on the page as necessary

Content development and consolidation through websites

  • Create interesting content and traffic to publish on the blog
  • Actively participate on social media
  • Content Monitoring

Create link

  • Create links from sites stronger or older than your site
  • Links will be from news and websites related to your content

Focus on customer acquisition

  • Do visitors get the information they need?
  • What can be done to convert potential visitors into customers

Monitoring and adjusting the sales funnel:

  • How many people interact with your sales funnels
  • How many possibilities
  • How many suspects?
  • How many clients


  • Reports will be prepared every month given your
  • Search engine results and traffic flow

Continuously developing content, standardizing it, and establishing linkage

We will constantly maintain

  • Content Development
  • Update the version on your website
  • Create videos and other visuals
  • Send content to the world
  • Optimizing the site for better traffic

Expand the audience via :

  • traffic movement
  • Posts
  • the answers

What are search engine optimization companies?

We will talk about the best companies related to the field of search engine optimization because we cannot mention them all.

Straight North

Straight North

Straight North is an online marketing agency that specializes in SEO, PPC, and responsive websites. They help companies increase sales and e-commerce revenue.

US digital agency Straight North provides a full range of SEO solutions for small and medium-sized B2B and B2C organizations. 

By saying the full range, they really mean it. With their SEO campaign, they can help you with analytics, back-end development, competitive research, consulting, content marketing, and e-commerce SEO.

 enterprise SEO, graphic design, keyword research, lead generation SEO, local search engine optimization, reporting, and strategy development.

With their transparent and collaborative working style, they will provide you with effective SEO management. 

You can explore their case studies with lots of different brands from different sectors on their well-designed website.

Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media is one of the best SEO agencies, based in New York City. They create satisfying experiences for startups by integrating imagination and technology. This can help your brand move forward.

Their deep experience in designing and developing B2B and B2C websites is important and can help with SEO.

With a search engine optimization service, they aim to combine code, content, and context to drive conversion. If you choose them as the SEO partner for your small business, you can get huge benefits.

Their SEO process is

  •  SEO audit
  •  keyword research
  •  SEO strategy
  •  organic marketing
  •  measurement
  •  reporting.

You can also get relevant SEO services; Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Digital PR, and Full Support.

Meanwhile, you can feel comfortable about your challenges as they embrace them and help you find the perfect solution.



RNO1 can guide your startup across platforms and venues, with rapid design and digital solutions as a digital experience agency for the USA West Coast.

They define themselves as incubators of change. This is a really key point that you should focus on because you need to follow updates all the time to get the best results from your SEO.

Moreover, you can also get services related to their support of SEO strategy and systems:

  • digital strategy
  •  digital activation
  •  UX and UI Design
  •  Web and Application Development
  • functional models

Method Engine

Method Engine

The full-service digital agency Method Engine provides expertise in digital strategy, research, interactive design, and development, digital advertising, SEM, SEO, display, branding, and design.


They also help their clients create strategies based on business needs, customer research, market realities, design capabilities, content, and technology.

They create attractive search engine marketing campaigns to attract customers. They use website analytics, display campaign performance summaries

 or detailed paid search marketing metrics to access valuable data. In this way, they can help startups draw insights to measure the success of campaigns.

Frank Digital

Frank Digital

Australia's leading companies and brands are fortunate to own Frank Digital because they are the masters of great websites.

 When it comes time to create a website for your brand, one of the most important things to spend time on is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Award-winning digital agency Frank Digital can combine strategy, creativity, and technology. Ultimately, you have digital experiences across all your channels and devices.

Furthermore, they provide data analytics and optimization services with in-house data capabilities. This enables them to deliver higher conversations and make optimization faster, smoother, and more efficient.



As its name speaks for itself, SEO Works is a digital agency that will make your SEO strategies work! With offices in London, Leeds, and Sheffield, they are ready to maximize the return on your investment.

Their expert SEO team has experience managing SEO campaigns for a wide range of industries including automotive, healthcare, education, and e-commerce. 

You can check out their website to analyze their case studies from different sectors and request a free review of your startup or small business website.

You can access their contact form in the footer of their website.

What are the best engine optimization services?

Your presence in the first results on search engines, which Google is the most prominent, contributes greatly to the success of your project, and this is what we are working on,

 As you know, search engines are the primary source of information on the Internet in the field of business.

 We do not work on appearance alone, but our concern is that your site is easy to use, fast when browsing, loved by your follower, and loved by search engines.

Our main business is search engine optimization, which means that your site appears in search results on the Internet without the need for funding from Google.

SEO services include:

  • Technical Audit for SEO 
  • Find the right keywords for your site 
  • Optimizing the internal pages of the site
  • Writing SEO friendly content
  • We rely on external links and build credibility
  • Google Maps optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization for E-Commerce Sites
  • Improve your business on Google
  • Search engine optimization in general
  • Arabic search engine optimization
  • English search engine optimization
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