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Top 30 horror movies you can't miss to watch

  •  Oxygen 


The film is about a woman who wakes up in a cold room without remembering how she got there and has to find a way out before the air runs out.

 The movie was produced by Netflix in 2021 and is of French origin, but you can find it translated and available in several languages on Netflix.

  • Bird Box

Bird Box

Well, this movie will make you nervously sit on the edge of your chair. As a mysterious force annihilates the population, one thing is certain - if you see it, you die.

The survivors must now avoid confronting an entity that takes the form of their worst fear. In search of hope and a new beginning, a woman and her children set out on a perilous journey through the woods and down the river to find the only place that might offer refuge.

 To achieve this, they will have to cover their eyes from the evil that haunts them - and complete the journey blindfolded. The film was produced by Netflix in 2018 and stars Sandra Bullock

  •  28 Weeks Later

28 Weeks Later

Six months after the rage virus turned half of Britain into zombies, the US military helps secure London for survivors after a virus carrier enters the city and the terror begins again

  • The Nun

The Nun

It is one of the favorite horror movies of the vast majority of people. It tells the story of the suicide of a young nun in a monastery in Romania under mysterious circumstances, but a priest with a dark past is sent to investigate this case until he discovers the secret of the demonic dread.

  •  It


Surely you've heard of the movie It that caused quite a stir when it was released. The film revolves around seven children who are chased by the clown Benny, who appears only every 27 years to kill children and leave their bodies and body parts, taking advantage of their fears.

  •  The Conjuring

The Conjuring

If you are really a fan of horror movies, you should watch The Conjuring movie series based on real actuals. The film tells the story of Ed and Lorraine Warren who investigate supernatural issues and encounter ghosts during exorcisms and the issues problems face.

  • Annabelle


Whether you've watched Annabelle or not, you should know that it is based on the true story of a doll that has the soul of a girl named Annabelle and the doll is behaving strangely. This doll is still in the Lorraine Warren Museum. That is why I advise you to watch the movie if you are a fan of horror movies.

  •  Lights Out

Lights Out

Do you like horror movies about a journey of exploration, well, that's your choice. Rebecca and her boyfriend try to investigate the relationship between her mother and her imaginary friend, Diana after her stepfather is murdered by a supernatural entity.

  • The Others

The Others

It is one of the best horror movies I advise watching. It tells the story of a woman who lives with her two children in a house where strange things happen and her children suffer from light sensitivity, but the event films events within a psychological framework of horror, to discover the unexpected end of the film.

  •  Split


Split is one of the most popular psychological horror movies. Its events revolve around a man with a psychological disorder due to the presence of 23 characters inside him and he kidnaps 3 girls, but the characters struggle to determine the fate of the three girls

  • The Rental

The Rental

A married couple on an oceanside vacation suspects that the host of their seemingly perfect rental home may be spying on them. Before long, it should have been a festive weekend trip, but it turns into something more sinister.

  • A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place

Another kind of horror movie that you can love. The events of the film revolve around a family living on a farm, but they do not speak for fear of a strange creature that does not see, but attacks its victims if they make any sound, no matter how simple

  •  Ready or Not

Ready or Not

One of the most unique horror movies out there, it's totally funky. The events of the film tell the story of a girl who moves to her husband's family's palace,

 and after the wedding ceremony, the family imposes on the bride some inherited rituals as a condition for completing her joining the family until she discovers what they want to do with her.

  • The Witch

The Witch

If you are looking for a really scary horror movie, you should watch The Witch. Which revolves around an English immigrant family who encounters some problems on their farm and imagines that ghosts are attacking them, but they resort to accusing their daughter of practicing witchcraft and summoning an evil force to fight them.

  •  Hush


A deaf writer gets into a series of troubles when she decides to return to the woods to live a solitary life but discovers that her life has become terrifying after a killer appears at her window. The movie makes your nerves tense, and you want to know what's next.

  • The Lie

The Lie

This film revolves around a father and daughter who go on an adventure to a dance camp, but their journey is interrupted by a girl the daughter knows, but the family's good intentions soon turn into a nightmare.

  • 122


It is one of the Arab horror and suspense movies that you can watch. Its events revolve around a love story between a young man from the popular class and a deaf and dumb girl who is led by life to enter into suspicious operations,

 but after being injured, they are transferred to the hospital and face the most difficult moments of their lives.

  • World War Z

World War Z

If you are a fan of horror movies that talk about zombies, you will definitely love this movie.

 Which revolves around the spread of a virus in the world that turns people into zombies, but Brad Pitt is assigned the task of searching for the source of the virus to help find a medicine to treat people and to protect the world from destruction.

  • Us


The film revolves around the Wilson family who decides to go to Santa Cruz for recreation to spend time with the Tyler family. 

At night, some strangers break into the place and it is discovered that these strangers are companions. They look and frighteningly feel like them.

  • The Mega

The Mega

The film revolves around a group of scientists who encounter a huge shark measuring 23 meters in length, while it is on a mission to save land in the Pacific Ocean.

  • The Blue Elephant 2

The Blue Elephant 2

The Blue Elephant movie, whether the first or second part, is one of the best Egyptian horror films that I advise you to watch.

 After Yahya married Lubna, he was summoned again to the hospital's critical cases department to treat a new case related to his wife, after which the events revolve in a terrifying and exciting framework

  • In The Tall Grass

In The Tall Grass

What happens when a brother and sister enter a field of tall grass to rescue a boy? No, he will not be rescued, it is just a trap!! They soon realize they can't escape and something sinister lurks in the grass.

  • Orphan


The film tells the story of a couple who face some problems due to the wife's third miscarriage and they have two children, so the couple decides to adopt a girl from one of the orphanages that commit some crimes.

  •  Case 39

Case 39

If you are looking for an exciting horror movie, you should try watching Case 39. The movie revolves around an idealistic employee who saves a 10-year-old girl from her abusive parents and then discovers the truth of things.

  • The Ring

The Ring

In order not to feel bored when searching for the best horror movie, you should try watching this movie. It revolves around a mysterious videotape containing a series of strange images. But the viewer receives a call that he will die in seven days.

  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

If you are looking for an outstanding horror movie, you should watch Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, a mixture of musical horror.

 It tells the story of a skilled barber who is banished from London due to the charge of a responsible man to take possession of his beautiful wife, but returns for revenge.

  • 47 Meters Down

47 Meters Down

The film revolves around four girls who decide to swim and dive in an underwater cave area, but get into a maze and discover that they are not alone and are surrounded by fierce sharks.

  • The Grudge

The Grudge

Are you a fan of horror and crime movies?

 Well, this movie is about Muldoon, a detective and a single mother, who investigates a murder in a suburban neighborhood. And soon she realized that the house in which the accident occurred was cursed with an evil force.

  • Escape Room

Escape Room

Tyler receives an unusual board game as a gift from his girlfriend on his 30th birthday.

 When he and his friends play it, they realize they are caught up in a horrific chain of events.

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