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how to create a personal blog

  Setting Up Your Blog


Blogging may be a profitable supply of profit and blogs are simple to line up and maintain. Imagine a life wherever you're paid to jot down on stuff that interests you,

 whenever you wish, where you're. The mere flexibility of blogging makes it simple for you to merely sit back, relax and prolong a vacation whenever you are feeling fond of it.

In this article, we tend to ar reaching to scrutinize the profit of a blog and found out a blog of our own at no cost! Interested? browse on!

Start a Successful Blog

Successful Blog

There are many choices – host a blog on your domain or get a free blog. For starters, let’s name the free blogs.

 you'll get a free blog at or the newer (and better!) If you're a tekki, you want to have detected WordPress, a free blog engine that's sturdy and infinitely expandable. is truly closely-held by Google, thus it'll be detected on Google’s radiolocation quicker and you'll be indexed quicker., however, may be a comparatively new choice thus I even have no comparison on the speed of obtaining indexed by search engines.

 However, WordPress is best in the sense that it's a lot of advanced options like Trackbacks and classes. you'll conjointly manage your sidebar links a lot of expeditiously (more concerning this later).

Get a free Blog at either ( or WordPress ( Then, familiarise yourself by posting your 1st post in your journal and tinkering around with the choices and templates.

  • Here are a couple of common “blog-related” words to assist you:

  •  Permalink – Permalink stands for permanent link, which may be a universal resource locator (uniform resource locator) that results in a private post that you just create in your journal.

  • Trackback – after you post concerning somebody else’s journal post elsewhere, your post can show up in their “trackback” section. This feature, however, isn't obtainable with a account.

  •  Pinging – Blogging appears to be paired with pinging nearly every time either one is mentioned these days. Pinging is truly the action wherever a definite individual is notified whenever your journal is updated, so the individual might show the latest post of your journal on their website. this can be a helpful thanks to gain traffic, which we tend to shall discuss later.

For now, I shall leave you testing out your new journal and also the options that come back enclosed with it.

 within the next articles, we tend to shall discuss the various ways in which we will gain take advantage of a journal, still as recommendations on a way to write posts that keep guests affixed and keep returning for more!

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