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What are the top 10 best action movies

Top 10 action movies

What are the top 10 best action movies

Looking at IMDb’s ratings of the best action films ever made, the titles that garner the best scores are those that pair a good story with skillfully choreographed action sequences.

 The highest-rated movies would go on to birth franchises and inspire future filmmakers, cementing their spot as being among the best that the genre has to offer.

Updated on March 2nd, 2022, by Hannah Saab: There is a myriad of good action movies to choose from at any given time, with more coming out every single year.

 As tastes and expectations for the best action movies change over the years, it's not surprising that IMDb's top-rated films from the genre continue to shift. 

New entries like Spider-Man: No Way Home and Asuran should be considered essential viewing for fans of the genre.

Mad Max: Fury Road movie

Mad Max: Fury Road movie

Mad Max:

 Fury Road is one of the most famous American action films of all time, and is the fourth part of the Mad Max series by writer and director George Miller,

 and revolves around the controversial events of the post-apocalyptic world where Fury Road meets Max Rockatansky, played by Tom Hardy in a wasteland ruled by A tyrant, a group of imprisoned women led by Charlize Theron,

 and a mentally disturbed and lost man, Max Rokatansky, rebels against cult leader Emurtan Joe in search of their home and attempt to escape, knowing that their path forward will be strewn with bumps.

This movie was first released in 2015 directed by George Miller with a production budget of 150 million US dollars.

Gladiator movie

Gladiator movie

Gladiator is a historical action film directed by Ridley Scott and written by David Franzoni, John Logan, and William Nicholson.

It was released in 2000 and centers around Russell Crowe as the Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius who suffers upon the death of the current Emperor Marcus Aurelius at the hands of his son Commodus (playing His role is Joaquin Phoenix) aspiring to seize the throne and who wants to kill Maximus to become the emperor, 

but Maximus escapes his fate only to find himself on the floor of the Colosseum in Rome and the events continue until Maximus dies of his wounds that resulted from a stab with the knife of the traitor Commodus.

Kill Bill: Volume 1 movie

Kill Bill: Volume 1 movie

The first part of Kill Bill is full of action and details the massive revenge Uma Thurman takes after her ex-boyfriend tried to kill her on her wedding day after she woke up from a four-year coma. 

She is determined to take revenge on all the ex-partners who left her and her unborn child. Dead, including their leader, Bill, played by David Carradine, began with the man who wanted to rape her in the hospital before she woke up,

 as well as a nurse who traded in her body during her coma, after which she resolved to kill Bill and the other four squad members and began searching for all of them. The first was Kill Bill in 2003,

 and after it spread widely among users and earned more than 180 million dollars at the box office, the company followed up with the second part, and that was in 2004.

Die Hard movie

Die Hard movie

Back in the '80s, action movies tended to be the preserve of muscular men working their way up to an endless body count; At the end of the decade, a television comedian, sci-fi,

 and horror director made an action movie called Die Hard about a New York cop named John McClain, played by Bruce Willis, who constantly finds himself amid a crisis where he is the only hope against disaster after his wife is kidnapped. And his two daughters, 

the events of the film continued for 5 parts, which were released at intervals. The first part was released in 1988, the second part in 1990, the third part in 1995,

 the fourth part in 2007, and the fifth and final part in 2013. According to the producing company, the combined film series achieved revenues of $1.4 billion worldwide.

The Dark Knight movie


The Dark Knight movie

The Dark Knight is an American action movie that was launched for the first time in 2008 based on the DC Comics character Batman.

 Within this film, the lapsed relationship between Batman and the Joker was highlighted, where the Joker kills Rachel Dawes, one of the closest characters to Bruce Wayne,

 and also killed many of The people during the movie however Batman refrained from killing him in the end, this American movie starring Christian Bale,

 Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Caine, and Morgan Freeman grossed $1.04 billion

Aliens movie


The Dark Knight movie

Aliens are considered one of the top 10 American action films of all time due to its great fame and the numerous awards it received upon its release in 1986.

 The movie revolves around Sigourney Weaver who finds herself facing a fierce multi-tooth enemy in an abandoned space colony but now surrounded by many...

 Weapons In addition this movie is about a male-dominated company's obsession with developing biological weapons regardless of the human price,

 it's a metaphor for the evils of big business; Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Paul Reiser, Lance Henriksen, Michael Bean, Bill Paxton, and Carrie Hen.

The Matrix movie

The Matrix movie

In 1999, more than one foreign film of various categories was released, including The Matrix, which belongs to the action category, directed by Lana, Chawsky, Lily, and Chawsky, 

starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Ann Moss, Joe Pantoliano, Hugo Weaving, and Marcus Chung. In a post-apocalyptic film in which the machines triumph in the war against humans,

 we are faced with a complex scenario in which criticism of society transcends the big screen in the form of a plot while enjoying fast-paced action scenes from Neo, the person chosen to lead the humans and win the revolution against the machines. 

The Matrix won many awards that made it among the top 10 American action films of all time.

Predator movie


Predator movie

Predator is another American movie that is a mixture of men on a mission war movie and a space movie that slips some malicious swipes in the action genre along with some gay vibes. 

Saying Arnold has never been better, however, director John McTiernan strips him to his oily bits like one of those assault grenade launchers sets to keep nerves jittery, and the next,

 moreover, you can see it as a kind of heavily armed jaws in the stable ground as her grizzly team grapple with Mercenaries led by Arnie's Dutch Schaefer

The Bourne Ultimatum movie


The Bourne Ultimatum movie

The Bourne Ultimatum is one of the top 10 American action films of all time directed by Paul Greengrass.

 Inspired by Robert Ludlum's novel The Bourne Ultimatum, the airtight action movie finally gives some conclusion to Treadstone's most successful but unpredictable experience. 

Matt Damon, Joan Allen, and David Strathairn co-star in this fantastic movie as he embarks on a fast world tour.

Heat. movie

Heat. movie

Heat is an American action movie directed by Michael Mann and was first released in 1995. This movie revolves around the professional thief Neil McCauley, played by Robert De Niro,

 who carries out many criminal operations. On the other hand, we find Detective Vincent Hannah, played by the famous actor Al Pacino, who starts chasing criminals to arrest them.

In the end, we must tell you that the top 10 American action films of all time can be watched now through the famous video streaming platform Netflix, but in this case,

 you will need a paid subscription, however, you can watch these films for free through the best foreign movie sites.

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