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Top comedian movies you can't miss to watch

 Who among us does not like watching comedies, as it is the only way that most of us resort to changing our mood? 

And since I am one of the boys who prefer to watch comedies since childhood, there are many films that I advise you to watch and I promise you will like them.

 All you have to do is discover the list I have prepared for the most beautiful foreign comedies.

  • Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery

One of the latest new comedies that we recommend you to watch is Murder Mystery. The plot revolves around a policeman and his wife who go on vacation to rekindle their relationship but end up getting involved in a murder.


  • Deadpool



The best movie that has been able to combine action and comedy in a significant way is Deadpool. You can watch it and you will never regret it,

 as it tells the story of a fictional hero with supernatural strength who got it as a result of doing some medical tests on him until he became strong.


  • The Hangover


The Hangover

Don't search too much for comedies that you might like as The Hangover is the best. Its events revolve around 3 men who go to attend a bachelor party with their friend who will get married,

 but after the ceremony ends and the next morning, they wake up and do not remember what happened yesterday besides the disappearance of the groom and are looking for him before the wedding date.


  • The Bounty Hunter


The Bounty Hunter

The film revolves around an ex-officer who searches for people who are escaping trial to obtain a reward. However, he finds his ex-wife wanted for trial, so he pursues her, and then discovers that she still loves him.


  • The Other Woman

The Other Woman

It is one of the best romantic comedies that you have to watch. And its events revolve around "Charlie", who is in a romantic relationship with "Mark",

 but after a while she discovers that he is married and his wife comes to her to help her get her money back, which he controls, only to discover that he is in love with another girl. The three women then form a friendship to get revenge on Mark.


  • Isn't it Romantic


Isn't it Romantic

In order not to feel confused when looking for an unconventional romantic comedy, I advise you to watch this movie. 

It tells the story of a girl who hates romantic comedies, but after a traffic accident she wakes up to find her life has become like the movies and finds a rich handsome young man who falls in love with her, but discovers more details about her life that she had not seen before.


  • Amelie



It is one of the most popular romantic comedies for many of us. Which tells the story of a girl who some believe that her heart is sick because of a wrong diagnosis,

 so she was prevented from going out and receiving her education at home, but after her mother's death, she decides to go out to work in a café to discover the world and fall in love.


  • Silver Linings Playbook


Silver Linings Playbook

If you want to watch a foreign romantic comedy, I recommend you to watch Silver Linings Playbook. Its events revolve around Pat, who has bipolar disorder,

 who spent his treatment in a psychiatric hospital, and after his recovery, he goes out to find his partner who left him. But he meets a girl named "Tiffany" who wants to get his life back and asks him to enter her in a dance competition and then falls in love with her.


  • Dumb and Dumber


Dumb and Dumber

There are loads of Jim Carrey comedies you can watch and you won't stop laughing like Dumb and Dumber. The plot revolves around Lloyd and Harry who are traveling to return a forgotten woman's bag at the airport but are pursued by a gang to steal money from them.


  • Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son


Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

This movie is one of our favorite movies of many of us and definitely, when you watch it you will stop laughing. It revolves around Lawrence,

 a secret detective who disguises himself as "Big Momma" to go on a mission to a girls' school where a murder has been committed and the perpetrator has not yet been found.


  • The Change-Up


The Change-Up

It is one of the light and wonderful comedies. The film tells the life story of two friends, the first is married with children and suffers from many problems, the second is single and has some problems, and each sees that his friend's life is better than theirs.

 Until a miracle occurs, which is the transfer of each person's soul into the body of the other, and then each one of them knows the blessings each person had in his life and did not appreciate them.


  • The Mask


The Mask

The Mask is one of the best and most popular comedies, and although it was first shown in 1994, I still love watching it.

 It revolves around "Stanley Apex" who works in a bank but always fails to find a girl who loves him until he meets "Tina" and falls in love with her, but she does not reciprocate the same feeling.

 Then Stanley finds a mask with magical and supernatural powers that causes him a lot of problems but helps him make Tina fall in love with him.

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