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A movie you can watch if you want to spend Valentine's Day at home part 3

  • Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits

Who among us does not get tired of watching this movie at any time, as it proves that the best thing that can happen in your life is to fall in love with your best friend? 

It tells the story of Dylan and Jimmy, who have a feeling of admiration for each other, but are afraid of the bad consequences of romantic relationships and prefer to be friends but with different privileges.


  • Love, Rosie

Love, Rosie

This movie is one of my favorite romantic movies and you will definitely love it too. It tells the story of Rosie and Alex, who have been friends since childhood,

 but their feelings begin to change without anyone frankly speaking, and they begin to enter into other relationships over the course of their lives until they face the truth of their love for each other.


  • Love and Other Drugs

Love and Other Drugs

The film revolves around a pharmaceutical company representative who begins a relationship with a girl who does not want to be engaged but succeeds in changing her view after discovering her illness.


  • A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember

It is one of the best romantic drama movies I advise watching. It tells the story of student Landon Carter who and his friends make fun of one of his classmates,

 but are punished by participating in obligatory activities at the church after school, and here he falls in love with his classmate Jimmy.


  • When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally

We go back to the '80s with this movie when hair was curly and men were so cute. They say there's nothing better than falling in love with a girlfriend, so why not watch a movie about how friendship develops into something bigger?


  • Hitch


Any movie in which Will Smith appears will make you laugh. This movie is definitely your best option if you want to watch a movie with your partner and laugh all night long.

  • Intolerable Cruelty


Intolerable Cruelty

You have to watch George Clooney when he was little on Valentine's Day! He is a handsome lawyer who thinks he is the best person to meet the cunning Catherine Zeta-Jones. 

This movie can also appeal to men if you were wondering.


  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

One of the most famous romantic thriller movies you must watch on Valentine's Day with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson.

 It's really funny especially when Kate Hudson is acting weird and singing "You are So Vain".


  • Pretty Woman

This movie is a mix of comedy and classic romance, and you'll probably find it in all of our lists of the best romantic movie of all time. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere try hard not to fall in love with each other, but their relationship can't be ignored.


  • Love Actually

Love Actually

This film presents nine different stories and how does love affect each of them? This movie is about romantic signs from young children to adult men.


Now, which of these films would you choose to spend a beautiful and special day at home on Valentine's Day?

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